Apollo Brings Vredestein Brand Into LT Tire Market With a Splash

Nov. 5, 2021

Apollo Tyres Ltd. took its newest tire to one of the nation's largest billboards — Times Square in New York City. The Vredestein Pinza all-terrain tire marks the brand's entry into the North American light truck and SUV tire market.

“When we brought the Vredestein brand to North America a little over a year ago, we introduced a range of passenger-car tires that were developed specifically for the unique needs of drivers in this market,” says Abhishek Bisht, assistant vice president of the Americas for Apollo. “In the year since, we have been lauded by customers, media, and independent testing authorities for the quality, value, and performance of our products. Our expansion into the all-terrain category with the comfortably rugged Vredestein Pinza AT is a moment worthy of celebration, and Times Square is the perfect venue for this.”

Apollo says it followed its same strategy in developing the all-terrain tire as it did for its lineup of Vredestein passenger tires. The company conducted "intensive study" into pickup and SUV drivers' habits and needs, and that helped the company's global research and development centers in Europe and Asia develop the Prinza AT, a tire the company says is capable yet comfortable.

It was tested in different climates and weather conditions on three continents.

“The Vredestein Pinza AT represents a bold evolution of the Vredestein brand,” says Bisht. “Its arrival demonstrates our unwavering commitment to meeting the drivers’ needs and ensuring that they have carefully thought-out and expertly engineered solutions, no matter what they drive or where they drive it. We welcome the opportunity to serve light truck and SUV owners here in North America with the high level of products and support that our reputation is built on."

The company refers to the Vredestein Prinza AT as "comfortably rugged." It has an aggressive design but provides "quiet, confident on-road performance in all weather conditions, while simultaneously telegraphing the extreme capability and durability that’s required when drivers venture off-road."

Among the tire's key attributes:

  • It's available in both metric and LT sizes;
  • ‘Silent Groove’ and multi-pitch technology means quieter operation than other all-terrain tires;
  • Stone ejectors and a -ply triplex casing provide enhanced durability and protection against external damage;
  • The jagged-edge shoulder design delivers rugged aesthetics, as well as full capability in mud, sand, and snow;
  • Its interlocking sipe design provides tread stability;
  • The severe snowflake marking means the Vredestein Pinza AT is ready for all winter driving scenarios

The Vredestein Prinza AT is launching with 47 sizes, including 22 light truck sizes. Fifteen additional sizes are planned for "phase two" of the product's rollout.

The tire comes with a 70,000-mile warranty for the P-metric sizes and a 50,000-mile warranty for the light truck sizes.

The company describes the tire as "comfortably rugged," saying it has both off- and on-road performance and comfort.