CMA/Double Coin Will Bring New OTR Tire to ConExpo

March 2, 2023

CMA LLC/Double Coin will introduce the new REM-2S all-weather/snow radial OTR tire at the upcoming ConExpo show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The tire features heavy siping with off-set blocks for traction and provides "advanced capability in snow, ice, gravel and soft, sandy terrains," according to CMA/Double Coin officials.

Designed for year-round use, REM-2S is "great for snow removal, winter clean-up, road clearing" and other applications, while offering balanced performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

“With the release of our REM-2S, we’re expanding our offerings to better meet the demands of our customers and tackle the challenges of winter and all-weather conditions,” says Tony Cresta, director of product development.

“The tire was developed with heavy siping and a non-directional block tread to meet the demands of winter's harshest conditions. These specs, paired with a tire compound that is made to perform year-round, are designed to exceed expectations in all working conditions and will give the REM-2S excellent performance and long-life in all weather conditions."

CMA/Double Coin will display the tire inside its ConExpo booth (#N-10265.)