April 2023

Photo: ITDG
The Independent Tire Dealers Group LLC (ITDG) will add new vendors in 2023. (Pictured at ITDG’s 2022 meeting are in the back row, from left to right, Nancy Anderson of George Oren Tire; Scott Highfill from Penn Tire; Chris Barry, ITDG vice president of sales; Shannon Deeter from Ray Deeter Tire Town; and Doug Anderson of George Oren Tire; and in the front row, from left to right, Leon and Jaine Throckmorton of Pinky’s Tire and Linda Deeter of Ray Deeter Tire Town.)

Dealer Groups Offer More Perks Than Ever

May 3, 2023
Delivering increased value to members — in the form of new programs, products, services, payouts and other benefits — will be a priority for many tire dealer groups.
Photo: CTDA
Unlike some other state and regional tire dealer associations, the California Tire Dealers Association (CTDA) continues to thrive. Here, CTDA President Chris Barry addresses attendees of the group’s annual luncheon.

Why Membership Is Declining at Regional Tire Dealer Associations

May 3, 2023
Michael McGregor made a startling realization - recent years have not been kind to regional tire dealer associations.
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The tire pressure sensor, valve stem and all valve stem components including the cap and valve core can be serviced and replaced individually.

TPMS: Chrysler Pacifica – 2022

April 20, 2023
Chrysler Pacifica – 2022 DESCRIPTION & OPERATION DESCRIPTION The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors air pressure in the four road tires. Sensor transmissions occur...
Photo: MTD
Barry Steinberg was MTD's first Tire Dealer of the Year Award winner. He won the award in 1993.

Who Will Be the Next Tire Dealer of the Year?

April 20, 2023
Do you know an independent tire dealer who is worthy of being named MTD’s 2023 Tire Dealer of the Year? We want to know — and soon.
Photo: McCarthy Tire Service
The first medium truck retread of McCarthy Tire Service's newest Bandag plant was completed on Dec. 14, 2022.
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Retreaders Wait For Import Dust to Settle

April 11, 2023
The crush of delayed new tire shipments that arrived on shore in late-2022 still has the potential to give U.S. retreaders headaches in 2023.

More content from April 2023

Photo: Rad Air Complete Car Care
Andy Fiffick offers regular training on the new details of A/C service for his employees at Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers. He says the systems are getting more complex and technicians need plenty of training.

Servicing a Modern A/C System

April 10, 2023
The turn toward warmer weather historically has signaled the start of air conditioning repair season in automotive service bays.
Photo: Ford Motor Co.
When you need an existing employee to develop a new skill, what do you do? How do you talk to them? In the case of a technician, has “the talk” come up about electric vehicle (EV) training? If it did, how did it go?

Getting Buy-In on EV Service

April 4, 2023
When you need an existing employee to develop a new skill, what do you do? How do you talk to them? In the case of a technician, has “the talk” come up about electric vehicle ...
Photo: MTD
Tire dealers report to John Healy that tier-one tires made a bit of a rebound in February.

There Are Hints of Sellout Improvement

April 4, 2023
Retail sellout trends continue to show softness on a year-over-year basis, marking a third straight month of negative retail sellout.
Photo Credit: Yokohama Off-Highway
“Good decisions on tires can have great impacts on fuel costs,” says Blaine Cox, national product manager – agriculture, golf and turf, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America Inc.
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AG Tire Talk: How to Reduce End Users’ Fuel Costs

March 23, 2023
How can ag tire dealers help farmers and growers reduce their fuel costs? What role do certain tires play?