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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Used properly and with a well-thought out strategy in place, social media can help tire dealers boost awareness, drive more traffic to their stores and secure repeat customers. Used improperly and in a scatter-shot way, social media can potentially damage a dealership’s reputation and drive customers away.


Answers to Critical COVID-19 HR Questions

"Owning and running a business in light of the current crisis has become extremely complex on a...

In a matter of a couple of weeks – due to the COVID-19 crisis – independent tire dealers have had to become not only experts in operating a successful business but also experts in addressing matters like the CARES Act, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and medical/health guidance, Small Business Administration loan opportunities, unemployment regulations and related staffing matters.


Are UHP Tires 'Immune' to COVID-19?

Butler Tire built a "wall" of light truck tires to enforce social distancing at its sales counters.

Are ultra-high performance tire sales immune to the COVID-19-fueled economic downturn? Butler Tire & Wheels' retail store in Atlanta, Ga., might have an answer.


Point S Dealer Says Keeping Top Techs Is a Priority

For tire dealers in rural America, it’s not uncommon for a community’s economy to revolve around the largest business in town. But what happens when that ‘business’ is a university, and nearly everything comes to a standstill?