June 2023

Commercial truck tire dealers and technicians keep trucks — and our way of life — rolling.
Commercial Business

Commercial Tire Dealers Keep America Rolling

Aug. 1, 2023
Where would we be without truck tires, the vehicles that use them and the people who sell them?
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When disengaging the bead, place the tire on the tire changing machine as shown here.

TPMS: Mitsubishi Mirage - 2022

Aug. 1, 2023
OPERATIONThe signals from the TPMS transmitter are received by the ETACS-ECU (vehicles without Keyless Operation System) or KOS & OSS-ECU (vehicles with Keyless Operation System...
Camco Tire & Auto Centetr
Camco Tire & Auto keeps around eight different brands of antifreeze in stock at all times and mostly carries manufacturer-specific antifreeze.

Coolant System Best Practices

July 27, 2023
To keep up with ever-changing vehicles, tire dealers may notice they are stocking up on more types and brands of antifreeze than ever before.
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Andrews Tire Service was founded by Victor Bustamante, left, his brother Nate Bustamante Jr., right, and their father, Nate Bustamante Sr., center.
Commercial Business

Andrews Tire Service Wins With Speedy Service

July 7, 2023
Victor Bustamante and Nate Bustamante Jr. are proud of what they’ve accomplished, but they see room to do more in the future.
Photo: Hank's Tire
Hank’s Tire, a single-location dealership, achieved $10 million in sales last year, all while competing against big chain stores.

Hank's Tire: A $10 Million Store

June 28, 2023
Hank’s Tire, a single-location dealership, achieved $10 million in sales last year, all while competing against bigger operations.

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Chapel Hill Tire
Chapel Hill Tire recently acquired a Durham Tire store in Durham, N.C.

The Single Store Acquisition Challenge

June 27, 2023
One of the first suggestions I always give expansion-minded tire dealers is to have a pipeline of potential deals going. I recommend developing a target list of all the single...
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“There are synergies between different product categories that we can capitalize on,” says Michael Mathis, president of Atturo Tire Corp., pictured at the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.
Industry News

Atturo Tire Finds Riches in New Niches

June 16, 2023
The light truck tire segment, which has been Atturo Tire Corp.'s "home base" for most of the company's existence, is now serving as a launching pad into other segments.
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When meetings are about accomplishing something and not just reviewing things, they take on a whole new life.

A Guide to Holding Successful Meetings

June 13, 2023
When was the last time your team had a meeting? If it’s been a while and you find yourself prioritizing other things, there may be a good reason — your meetings are boring. And...
Ford Motor Co.
Your customers may switch to an EV this year.

Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity to Service EVs

June 13, 2023
There are now three levels of high-voltage technician certifications with regard to electric vehicle service safety. ASE has classified a level one tech as being aware that high...
Fitment Group
“If tire prices are going up slightly, that’s not cause for alarm – as long as they are not going up significantly and/or tracking outside the standard rate of inflation,” says JP Brooks, director of business development for Fitment Group.

Is Retail Tire Pricing 'Leveling Out?'

June 12, 2023
"We continue to see prices increase slightly on most consumer goods, as well as tires, but the trajectory has slowed significantly," says Fitment Group's JP Brooks.
Yokohama Off-Highway Tires
Remember that manufacturers design every aspect of a tire to perform within the bounds you see on the load and inflation table — how much movement famers will experience in the sidewalls, how the bead performs, how much heat will be generated by the movement of the tire and the shape of the footprint, among other factors.
Commercial Business

AG Tire Talk: How Low Can You Go?

June 8, 2023
This edition of AG Tire Talk explores why farmers are hesitant to run ag tires at single-digit psi levels.
Photo: TireSouth
TireSouth opened its newest store in Peachtree Corners, Ga., in January. Owner Michael Spencer says consumers are more price conscious and opting for lower-tiered tires over premium options.

Dealers Take Action on Tire Pricing

June 7, 2023
Navigating the ups and downs of tire pricing has prompted at least one tire dealership to do something it’s never done before.
Butler Tires and Wheel
'While inflation is cooling in some sectors of the economy and consumer spending is still elevated in certain premium segments, it appears tire retailing has not seen any signs of positive momentum,' says Healy.

Monthly Tire Volume Declines Matched April 2020

June 6, 2023
Retail sellout trends continue to show softness on a year-over-year basis, marking a fifth straight month of negative retail sellout.
'Give someone on your customer service team an elevated role with more responsibility,' says O'Connor.

How to Work On Your Business — Not In It

June 6, 2023
While there are a million things on the table to help your dealership become even more profitable, operational efficiencies should be in hyper focus.